Qolsys IQ Panel 4
Qolsys IQ Panel 4
Qolsys IQ Panel 4
Qolsys IQ Panel 4
Qolsys IQ Panel 4
Qolsys IQ Panel 4

Qolsys IQ Panel 4

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Qolsys IQ Panel 4 Wireless Touchscreen Control Panel for PowerG, S-Line and 319.5 MHz Sensors (Built-In Alarm.com Cellular Verizon LTE Communicator)


The Qolsys IQP4001 IQ Panel 4 all-in-one wireless 7" touchscreen control panel contains a built-in dual path wifi/cellular Verizon LTE Alarm.com communicator, designed for small business and home security. With the IQP4001 panel you can add new or switch existing 319.5 MHz, Qolsys S-Line and DSC PowerG wireless encrypted security sensors to the Qolsys platform. Leveraging the power of Android 9 and the QualComm Snapdragon 8 core SOM (System on a Module) processor with 16GB NAND Flash internal memory. The IQ Panel 4 has an aesthetically pleasing and elegant modern user interface that keeps you connected to an entire ecosystem of smart devices, giving you complete control over your entire home or business.

The IQ Panel 4 has a large easy-to-use 7" LCD touchscreen interface with built-in 8MP, 120° wide angle front camera with FlexTilt. With the IQ Panel 4 you can peek in at anytime, receive disarm photos and alarm videos. It has multiple wireless radios built-in including; Alarm.com Verizon Cellular LTE, WiFi, Z-Wave Plus 700 Series, Bluetooth Low Energy BLE Touchless Disarming, Built-in Glassbreak Sensor, PowerG, S-Line and the 319.5 legacy secure radio. The panel serves as the brains of your security system and with it you can control lights, locks, thermostats, security and much more. The IQ Panel 4 features a SmartMount system, all internal antennas and an easy on-screen installation wizard.

With a built-in speaker the IQ Panel 4 allows for QuadSound Bluetooth audio streaming straight from your smart phone using the 4 x 4-watt speakers. The panel has a new IQ Base Table Stand subwoofer for the loudest music streaming over Bluetooth on the market. In the event of an alarm initiating event, the IQ Panel 4 also includes a built-in 85dB siren to loudly alert nearby individuals.

The touchscreen panel also includes Live View which is the ability to view Alarm.com video cameras on the screen, and Live Answer. Live Answer give DIYer's the ability to answer their Alarm.com video doorbell from the IQ Panel 4 inside the property, such as the Alarm.com ADC-VDB770 touchless video doorbell. Live Answer will also work with Live View cameras that have voice capability, such as the Alarm.com ADC-V515 indoor security camera. With Alarm.com's video monitoring solutions in place you can view and respond through the interactive app, and you can also see who is at the front door by just looking at the IQ Panel 4 touchscreen.

Dual SRF:
The IQ Panel 4 simultaneously supports two radio security frequencies for long-range secure encypted wireless signaling. Dual SRF featuring PowerG and 319.5 MHz (legacy Interlogix/S-Line) allows DIYer's to retain installed sensors while adding and upgrading as needed with PowerG, the industry's most robust sensor line to address common range and functionality demands. For instances when life safety devices are already installed, the IQ Panel 4 will allow DIYer's to retain these devices without incurring the cost, install time and maintenance of third party translators. Dual SRF featuring PowerG is designed to address the millions of legacy Interlogix systems installed while reducing costs associated with upgrading to the next generation security and IoT platforms.

The IQ Panel 4 includes PowerG, the revolutionary 2-way wireless communication technology with an unprecedented line-up of features designed to decrease operational costs for dealers while providing ultimate reliability for end users. Multichannel, Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum technology enables the system to hop between wireless frequency channels to ensure the seamless transmission of secure communications between the devices and the control panel. Adaptive Transmission Power translates into up to eight years of battery life for the system's devices and peripherals, reducing battery-replacement incurred costs. High transmission ranges allow for devices to reliably communicate 4 times further than legacy wireless protocols, reducing the cost of installing additional repeaters to service larger premises. 128 bit AES encryption offers exceptionally high level of protection against analysis tools and digital attacks.

Front Camera:
The IQ Panel 4 comes with a built-in front camera that captures photos in a variety of situations. When the panel is disarmed manually, the camera takes a photograph and saves it in the "ARM/DISARM" section. These photos are accompanied by the username of the individual who's code was used, the date, and the time. When someone attempts to access your panel settings with an invalid code, the camera takes a photograph and saves it in the "SETTINGS" section. These photos are accompanied by the date and time. When the alarm is triggered, the camera takes a photograph and saves it in the "ALARMS" section. When the alarm is triggered, the camera will record up to a 4 minute video clip. This video is stored locally on the panel only. Using a Micro SD Card you can select individual photos or videos and save them on it.

Light Control:
You can add up to 80 Z-Wave lights, lamp modules, or lightbulbs to the IQ Panel 4 panel. This will allow you to control your lights (e.g. turn on/off, adjust the dimmer) locally on the panel and also from your Alarm.com mobile app.

Lock Control:
You can add up to 20 Z-Wave locks to the IQ Panel 4 panel. This will allow you to control your locks (e.g. lock/unlock doors individually or all at once) locally on the panel and also from your Alarm.com mobile app.

Thermostat Control:
You can add up to 10 thermostats to the IQ Panel 4 panel. This will allow you to control the temperature (e.g. turn up, turn down or change mode) locally on the panel and also from your Alarm.com mobile app.

Garage Door:
You can add up to 6 Z-Wave overhead garage door controllers to the IQ Panel 4 panel. This will allow you to control the garage door (e.g. open/close it) locally on the panel and also from your Alarm.com mobile app.

Live View:
Streaming live camera feeds on the IQ Panel 4 is a Qolsys exclusive in the Alarm.com ecosystem. "Live View" allows supported Alarm.com indoor and outdoor WiFi cameras to be viewed on the IQ Panel 4 7" HD resolution touchscreen. With a wide range of available Alarm.com video devices, DIYer's can become even more connected to their smart homes or businesses. The supported Alarm.com smart security cameras include: ADC-V515, ADC-V523, ADC-V622-WELL, ADC-V723, ADC-V821, ADC-VC726, ADC-VC736, ADC-VC826 and ADC-VC836.

Live Answer:
An industry first, "Live Answer" streams the supported Skybell or Alarm.com Video Doorbell direct to the IQ Panel 4 high-definition touchscreen. This innovative feature replicates the mobile app experience enabling users to answer the video doorbell, remote door lock/unlock, while continuing to provide doorbell call and motion notifications sent to your smart device. The supported Alarm.com video doorbell cameras include: ADC-VDB101, ADC-VDB102, ADC-VDB105, ADC-VDB106 and ADC-VDB770.

Install Wizard:
The Install Wizard streamlines installation by taking an installer step-by-step through set up ensuring key functions and features are properly configured. The already fast and intuitive installation process is made even easier ensuring every install is consistent and follows best practices, resulting in a better install experience and reduced installation times and long-term support. The new user-friendly wizard will also further simplify DIY self-installations.

The panel allows for up to 4 partitions to be programmed. Partitions allow for the creation of zone groups in a home or business so that users can arm some sections of the property while leaving others disarmed. Partitioning enables greater personalization and functionality while simplifying installation. Each partition controls its local zone status, alerts and notifications. Any area or zone that needs to be armed or disarmed separately from the rest of the structure can be turned into a partition.

Photo Frame:
When your IQ Panel 4 is not in use you can program the panel to turn into a customizable photo frame. Inside the panel's settings you can choose whether you want photos or a weather clock or if you want the panel to turn itself off automatically in the evenings, and more.

Schedule Scenes*:
Allows you to control multiple devices with the click of a single button right from your IQ Panel 4 touchscreen (Powered by Alarm.com). Each option is a multi-device command that coordinates different smart devices to accomplish a complete task.

User Types:
You can add up to 242 users to the IQ Panel 4 system, each with a custom name and access level that you allow. There are three levels you can program for staring with the top "master" level allows the user to access panel functions, camera and system settings. Next, the "user" level allows access to panel functions, camera, but NOT system settings. Lastly, the "guest" level is used to give arm and disarm access to those users who will use the panel on a temporary basis. By creating individual users, you can set up custom text notifications when they access or use your system, keeping you connected no matter where you are.

Allows quick and easy access to the emergency panic for senior care directly on your IQ Panel 4 touchscreen (Powered by Alarm.com). This "wellness" page replaces the Security and Arming page as the default, home page to simplify use and access to help. The check in and check out feature notifies you when assisted living caregivers arrive and leave so that you have the peace of mind knowing that your loved one is getting the care they need and deserve.